Why Same-Sex Marriage Is Wrong

The society has turned into a rather immoral society whereby the sacred things in religious books in Christianity and other religions are no longer considered sacred for example homosexuality and other type of sins.

The religious view of most people especially christianity is that God created both man and woman for a purpose.

God did not create Kevin and ken nor did He create Mary and Grace and this was for a purpose.

Supposedly the purpose was for procreation.

Procreation would lead to the increase of human population on earth.

If we look at our society today, we have gone against God’s clear directive that marriage is between a man and a woman by allowing for homosexual couples to be lumped into the same category.

A gay marriage or a homosexual marriage is dysfunctional since both the sex chromosomes cannot produce a child destroying the meaning of procreation.

When two people have sex they bond together in spirit and when a man and a man or a woman or a woman bond together it is against God’s law.

When people of a same sex marriage adopt a child and bring it up they teach the child to be immoral.

The child learns that people are not supposed to get married to the opposite sex hence the children grow up with the wrong view of marriage.

This can also lead the child to grow up with some kind of hatered towards the opposite sex which is wrong.

The children grow up with an immoral view of marriage and it destroys their life.

According to the Bible homosexuality is wrong and should be avoided and whoever practices homosexuality will not see the gates of heaven.

In my view it is wrong to disobey what you worship in this case it is wrong to disobey God.

Homosexual and gay marriages distorts God’s idea of marriage whereby He said that a man will leave his parents and go live with a woman not a man.

I ought to think that God ordered this because both man and woman have both different sex organs and each organ is created for it’s purpose.

A woman’s organ is made for a man’s organ and not a man for a man or a woman for a woman.

When this organs are used wrongly they might bring about diseases and infections.

For example when someone is used to gay marriage and practice gay sex they have an infection whereby they have loose stool hence they mess themselves up each time.

Gay sex can also lead to internal bleeding in the anus due to pressure from the outside.

Just to prove how wrong homosexuality is God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah due to homosexuality why? Because it was against His laws and it was wrong.

In my view gay sex and homosexuality is wrong since it goes against a lot of religious practices.

We ought to obey what our religion teaches us in respect to our creator.

We have got to protect the future of our children by teaching and giving them a good example which they can follow and end up in a better society.