The Second Amendment

It is no secret that right now in current time, American’s are having to face the wonder if they are going to have their second amendment stripped away from them.

The government is trying to come into people’s personal lives and take their guns, assuming that it will make the world a safer place with all of the recent killing, school shooting and police murders.

Gun control could be a good thing, if the constitution was something that had just been created.

You cannot tell people that they are free, that they are born with rights here in America and then in the next sentence tell the same people that you are going to take away their freedom because it is causing an uprising.

They have the right to feel safe, no matter where they are, especially when they are in the safety of their own homes, no one should be able to come into someone else’s place of residents and kill them without them having some form of protection to fight fairly for their life.

Taking away their guns, will only make them more fearful of the government, many American’s are already having the wheels inside of their minds turning to what would this action mean for the future?

Okay, so the government comes in and takes away our guns, now we have no defense, what are they going to take away next?

Our freedom?

Our right to speech?

Our right to be who we are?

What would this mean for the future of America?

If the American’s let the government get away with this, they would think that they could get away with anything.

Then, pretty soon, it would no longer be America, home of the free because we allowed them to come in a go back on their word, we the people, is what created the foundation of America, if they wanted to go live under strict laws and have someone lie to them and strip them of everything they have they would be living in a communist country.

Owning guns is about so much more than just having the right to walk around with a gun to protect yourself, it is about protecting others and stopping the government from every trying to act their own people.

We learn about history so it never repeats itself, back in the holocaust, the first thing the German’s did was take away their targets weapons and options to protect themselves, if we allow the government to come in and take away our guns, we are pretty much telling them that American has lost all fight to stand up for themselves.

Gun control is not something that people should be pushing for but, rather better screenings and use of firearm classes to protect those with weapons and how to defend yourself without one.

The number one reason that people open fire in America is because they feel like they need to get revenge on people who hurt them as it always goes to show, kindness towards others will solve more problems that taking away an item every will, because the people who are being hurt and want to inflict pain onto someone else, will always find a way to do with, with or without firearms.