The Pro-Life Stance

If you or someone you know is thinking about getting an abortion, you should definitely reconsider.

There are so many options now days, that if you do not want to take on the responsibility of being a parent or if you were raped, or made a mistake, forgot to use birth control, do not have enough funds to support the child properly, etc.

There is no reason to end the life of someone else because you cannot handle when there are people out there who would love to have your child, if you do not want your child to grow up in an orphanage, you can always use your local knowledge of people that you know in your life already to see if any of them would be interested in taking on the child or children themselves, you might be surprised on how many people would say yes.

People would be interested in this for many reasons, maybe they have a medical condition where they cannot have children themselves but, would make amazing parents and are ready to take that next step in their life, maybe they are in a same sex marriage and have all the love in the world to give to a child like the one that you were thinking about giving up on.

Maybe, they are just waiting for the perfect story of someone who was not going to be able to have a good life, with out them to be there to take control of the situation if someone else was to fall into hardship, which is the number one reason parents give up their children, most of the time it has nothing to do with not loving them but, simply wanting to give them the things that they know they cannot provide.

Giving up a child to an orphanage, does not mean that you, as a parent, do not love them, it actually shows that you love them so much that you wanted what was best for them but, when you take the route of abortion, only then are you saying that you have no value of human rights, because everything in this world happens for a reason, that child, the one that is taken beyond the hands of a higher power could have been the one that changes the world.

Every person has a reason for being here, on this Earth, the only one that has a say in when we come or leave is someone above all of us, when you take that step and place it in your own hands, you are ultimately changing the way the universe was supposed to spin along the lines of a higher plan.

Abortion should never be an option for any woman. As soon as sperm meets egg, the woman needs to deal with the reality that she is housing what will soon be a human child, that absolutely deserves to live and grow up rather than be aborted in order to accommodate the pregnant woman.

And if you ever want to have sex but aren’t willing to take on the risk of getting pregnant, either use birth control, or just buy a dildo to get yourself off. At least that way you can be proud of the fact that you are being a responsible woman that is taking the proper precautions to avoid pregnancy (and therefore abortion) altogether.

In conclusion, it is never, under any circumstances, okay for you to take someones life, no matter how young they are, even if it is just a day.