The Death Penalty

There are a lot of people who are fighting against and for the death penalty to remain a big part of the criminal justice system.

Most of the ones who are against it, ironically are the ones who have had someone else come into their lives and rip a loved one from the world without reason or why.

They think that the person who committed the acts deserve to rot in a prison cell for the rest of their lives, feeling like the punishment of death is something that is too easy of a price to pay for ripping someone else’s life away.

While, others in the same position are demanding that the best price that one could pay for taking someone else’s life, is in fact death itself.

We all know the saying, an eye for an eye.

A lot of people who are nothing but, bystanders to this situation also believe that the best punishment for murder is to be sentenced to death, thinking that some prisoners have life to easy.

Most of them get their own room, they have three meals a day, they get to go outside, work out, sometimes tend to a farm or animals and they get released on occasion for good behavior, even on a charge as serious as murder.

This should not be the way one is treated when they have committed such a horrible crime, they should never be able to enjoy anything in this world again, after taking all enjoyment not just from the person that they killed but, also their families, who will never have the same holiday experience ever again in their lives without missing their loved one, if they had children, they will never get to see them grow up or vise versa with their kids.

It is not a situation that should be taken lightly when you realize how much murder does not only effect one person but, the way you can kill hundreds by just taking one life.

There is no punishment on this world that will bring the victim back and none that would ever truly ease the pain the families feel but, when you think about sending this person out of this life, it is a peaceful feeling for the families knowing that no one else in the world will ever have to go through the same amount of pain, that they had to by the hands of this person.

Having someone come into your life and rip away all of your happiness is something that no one should ever have to deal with.

If there ever was a punishment that could send any form of justice or karama back into the universe, it would be to put said person into the same fate that they placed someone else into.

A lot of people think that the death penalty is inhumane but, so is the fact that they took someone else’s life, I think the biggest problem is that the murder always gets placed as the victim when people forget that the real person who deserves an explanation or revenge for what happened to them is already forced into silence.