(Legal) Immigration

If you have noticed that all over the United States, they are constantly at a fight between allowing illegals to come into the country and forcing them to be separated by their families and taken back to their homes.

There are many people who are fighting the cause right now saying that the United States needs to put a stop to illegal immigration by building strong borders to keep out the illegals, this has many people questioning the true bases of America, while others could not be more firm about the account at hand.

Yes, having them come here illegally is causing the United States to lose a lot of money due to the fact that they are not forced to pay taxes, they get free educations and even loans to help them start a new life here, which would all be find and great if they did it the correct way and had to give something back like taxes and hire people who are already American, not just people who are illegal.

The laws that they have set are actually very good laws to getting people over here in the correct manner, instead of putting on stricter laws, they need to open more offices that do nothing but, devote their entire time to getting people the freedom that we all crave so deeply, that is why all of us came to America to start a better life.

The United States is doing the correct thing by taking people out of the country who have no motive to be here in the legal way, maybe people think that it is cruel to react in such a way to people who are only wanting to do the right thing for themselves and their family.

On the other hand of the story, if you talk to anyone who is an elder that came to this country when they were younger, wanting a better life, wanting to do the best thing for themselves and their families, they will all tell you the same story, they worked extremely hard for what they had.

They had to teach themselves English, deal with all of the building of their career and education themselves, look for jobs and try to break into the American way of life but, they all did it by following the rules and taking the proper steps to making sure that they were not taken back to their country and that they would be granted citizenship later in the future.

Everyone has a right to be here in American, we were founded on people from different places coming together to better the lives of us all and that is perfectly okay that people want to come to the United States, in the land of dreams but, they have to follow all of the rules to ensure that they are truly making the best move for themselves and their families as well as the protection of the people who already fought to be in the great country of America.