Fossil Fuels

There is a big debate going on right now that the major part of the population is saying that we should move away from things that are hurting our planet such as gas, coal and oil that are tearing down the o-zone layer and causing many health problems all across the world when they could be using a easier, cheaper method that would only better the world and reverse the damage that is already done by using hemp based products for the same things.

Then there are other people who think that moving forward with the way the world has been run for all of this time is the best route to take on the path of success.

The world has been turning for longer than any of have been alive, which means that now in the current time, we are using fuel that is constructed from something that was around long before us.

Even though is causes no harm in the making to be produced using any animal or plant life, there are still people who think there are better solutions out there.

For a long time now, there has been a big rumor going around that the world is going to run out of these natural resources and they should start switching up tactics before it is too late and the whole world goes into a financial depression.

It is clear that we are planning on using these resources we have until we run out, thankfully due to the high amount of states in the united states and other countries turning green friendly with the legalization of Marijuana, the transition to using hemp products in the future will no longer be such a huge transition to the world.

Using something that has brought us as far as we come as a whole world should be used until it is no longer in existence, if something is not broke, why would you fix it?

This is the big question that is weighing down on a lot of people’s mind across the globe, what does this mean for the industries that would be put out of jobs due to the change of how things are running?

In all honesty from this point on, all the companies would have to do is get on the ball of the new ways and it would secure their company a job as well as open more.

For the time being it is best that we stick with things that we already are using, rather than rushing into something that now, we have time to perfect before launching it all across the world, hoping and wishing that it will in fact work.

Staying with the natural use of fossil fuels for the time being is probably one of the best choices that we can make as a whole to ensure that no one will be too greatly effected when their is a change in the future.

It is always better to be safe, than sorry.

Not to mention, it will give us a better chance to understand the next level of action that we plan on taking to make up for the fuels that we are loosing and ensure that we are crossing all avenues to make progress towards the better.