There are a lot of people right now who are going around promoting Socialism, without realizing how Capitalism is a way better option, there are many people out in the world right now who think that the younger generation are fighting for things that are only going to destroy them in the long run.

These are the reasons that we need to keep fighting for Capitalism, rather than banning against it.

We are free under it, free to be individuals, free to buy pink shorts instead of white shorts, free to buy apples instead of bananas, because of Capitalism, the markets are free to produce whatever they want to put into the market, which in return, gives us the ability to go out and gather anything that we want to drive, wear or eat.

It keeps business running with the high calling of products that are increasing in demand, it allows them to stay up with things that are trending at the moment to incorporate everyone gets to succeed of the success of one individual, which helps the business grow in response to one expanding, the free market is a help all method.

It forces companies to work harder for the next big thing, forcing them to really push their minds to great expansion and cause the world to grow, due to always wanting to come up with and produce new items for the market, the world of creativity and greatness that we currently know and so dearly love, would not be possible with out capitalism.

Success and money would not be as easy to grab a hold of for just anyone with out, right now we live in a world where, if you work hard you can be as wealthy as you want to be and no one is going to stop your growth.

It is a great thing to have for people who are chasing their dreams, not knowing if today they are living in a studio apartment but, tomorrow their idea and hard work could ensure that they are living in a multi-million dollar mansion of their dreams by tomorrow night.

It is truly an amazing thing to have, when you are going after something that you are fighting for alone or have been going after for a really long time.

We need capitalism to show our people that anyone has the ability to be successful in this world, that all you need is a dream, determination, hard work and the hard headedness of never letting failure stop you from moving forward because when it comes to Capitalism, the only thing that would be standing in the way of your success is your mindset, your determination, your belief in yourself, your will to make a better life for you.

The best thing about capitalism is that everyone is where they put themselves to be in the status of the world, nothing is stopping the poor man from getting rich if he would only try and nothing is stopping the rich man from expanding besides the walls of which he created in his own mind and this, is why capitalism will always stand taller than socialism.